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Grassloot offers the fastest, easiest, most secure way to donate to your favorite candidates and causes. Because doing good should be easy.

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How It Works

Grassloot securely saves your payment information so you can donate
with just one-click — or through text — to your favorite candidates and causes.


Enter your payment information once and save it.


Click the link in the email we send to verify you're account


Donate through text or one-click. It's that easy.

How do I donate?

To donate through text, simply text your donation amount to your favorite cause or candidate's text-to-number. If they use Grassloot, your donation will be processed instantly. To donate online, look for the Grassloot logo on the donation form. Login to donate with one-click;

Is Grassloot Secure?

Yes. Grassloot uses the highest, bank-level security, 256-Bit SSL encryption, to ensure all your data stays safe and AES-256 with PCI level 1 certification to process all credit cards. Our team of talented coders previously worked for financial institutions, such as Fidelity and Bank of America.

Grassloot has the top-level security

Can I track my donations?

Yes. Your Grassloot dashboard allows you to easily keep track of all your donations.


Big dollar donors control politics. That needs to change.
We’re on a mission to make your voice heard.

Campaign financing is not evenly distributed accross the population.

In 2012, 84% of the House and Senate received over half of their donations from just 0.01% of Americans.

Candidates rely on donations to win elections. They need money — lots and lots of it — to pay for all the advertisements and events that spread the word to get them elected. Needing donations wouldn’t be a problem if everyone gave equally. But that doesn't happen. In the past election, 84% of those in the House and Senate received over half of their donations from just 0.01% of the American population, who donated $12,950 or more.

As a result, that 0.01% holds all the influence in politics. If candidates want to receive the donations they need to win their next election, they must keep the 0.01% happy. As a result, the issues the 0.01% care about get all the attention, while the issues you care about go unheard.

We want to change that. Your voice should be heard.

That's why we've created a win-win solution — for both you and candidates — that will work right now. By making it as easy as possible to donate to your favorite causes, we're hoping to increase the number of small donations to the point where large dollar donations no longer hold influence. You will be heard. Candidates will raise more money. Everyone wins. Help us create a "Grassloot" movement.

Where can I learn more?

A number of people are fighting to solve this problem. The Sunlight Foundation and Harvard professor, Lawrence Lessig, are shining light on the issue. Lessig wrote a book, Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress and a Plan to Stop It, and gave a TED talk on the subject. And a new grassroots movement called the NH Rebellion is fighting for reform.


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